New prices at BOILER

Unfortunately, the massive price increases on the energy market – but also in large parts of our product supplies from detergent to pizza – are not bypassing BOILER. This hits us in a situation in which we have also been affected by massive sales losses for almost two years now and continue to be so.

We will therefore adjust our prices for admission (from march 1st) and catering (from february 25th) to the increased costs. Prices in both areas will rise by an average of around 15%. With this step, we unfortunately still cannot rule out further price increases this year.

Here is an overview of the most important changes:

  • The standard entrance fee increases from 22,00 € to 25,00 €
  • The reduced admission (earlycomers, night owls etc.) increases from 16,00 € to 18,00 €
  • The price of a ten-ticket block increases from 178,00 € to 199,00 €
  • The five-ticket block is cancelled in favour of a four-ticket block at a price of 84,00 €
  • Adjustment of massage and beverage prices
  • A significant increase in the prices for pizza and tarte flambée due to the increase in our purchase prices.

You will find the new prices on our price overview for admission prices and catering.
Thank you for your understanding.