House rules

General Terms and Conditions (On Site)

I. General

In the interest of safety, order and cleanliness, the instructions of the sauna staff must be followed.

The conduct of sauna bathing and the use of the entire facility as a communal bath require mutual consideration.

The sauna facility is a textile-free area.

II Prices

  • Admission prices include towels and refer to a maximum length of stay according to the price list posted in the entrance area and on the website. Additional charges for exceeding the time limit are automatically made by the cash register system. The sauna staff have no influence on this.
  • There is no legal entitlement to reductions and goodwill settlements.
  • The admission ticket entitles the holder to a single entry. When leaving the facility, the purchased admission ticket loses its validity.
  • There will be no refund or reduction of the admission price if individual facilities are not used.
  • In the case of special events, the operator may allow visitors to leave the sauna within a certain period of time. This will be announced on a notice board.
  • The operator reserves the right to change the prices at any time and without prior notice.

III. Use of the sauna

  • The use of the sweat rooms is only permitted unclothed.
  • The bathing and sauna facilities are to be treated with care. In the event of misuse, culpable soiling, damage or loss of borrowed items, the bathing guest is liable for the damage incurred.
  • If a sauna guest finds the premises soiled or damaged, he/she is requested to inform the sauna staff immediately.
  • In the event of wilful soiling, a cleaning fee will be charged and a ban will be imposed.
  • Every sauna guest is obliged to clean his or her body before starting the sauna bath.
  • Sauna guests must refrain from doing anything that is contrary to the maintenance of safety, peace and order. In particular, the following are inadmissible
    a) Loud talking, noise, singing, whistling.
    b) Smoking in all rooms with the exception of the designated smoking area and the garden,
    c) the use of glass containers and objects in the changing rooms, sanitary facilities, sauna and bathing areas,
    d) the carrying of weapons and weapon-like objects
    e) washing towels, underwear or stockings
    f) tinting and dyeing hair and using cosmetics of any kind
  • g) the carrying and operation of electronic devices of any kind (mobile phones etc.).
  • The consumption of food and drinks brought along is only permitted in the changing area.
  • Own drinks may only be brought in unopened original packaging.
  • The consumption of food in the sauna and wellness area is not permitted.
  • Lost property must be handed in to the sauna staff. Lost property will be disposed of in accordance with the legal provisions.
  • Rest cabins may not be locked or blocked from the outside for no reason.
  • Photography and filming are PROHIBITED in the entire facility.

IV. Behaviour during sauna bathing

  • The use of the sauna room is only permitted with a sufficiently large towel. Soiling of the loungers by sweat is to be avoided. Towels are to be taken away when leaving the sauna room.
  • Drying towels or laundry in the sauna room or on radiators in other rooms is not permitted due to the air pollution associated with this.
  • When using the sauna room, the sauna guest must bear in mind that the high temperatures, 40° C on the floor to 100° C on the ceiling, are characteristic of this room. Appropriate caution is advised.
  • Do not touch the heater or handle thermostats, thermometers or other equipment in the sauna room.
  • The rising benches, which are also typical, require careful climbing of the individual steps. Railings inside the sauna room are not part of the usual equipment.
  • Seat covers made of foam rubber, plastic or similar as well as newspapers or printed matter may not be taken into the water and sauna rooms.
  • The bringing of spirits or strong-smelling essences, in particular the unauthorised dousing of the heater with such substances or also with flammable oils, is strictly prohibited.
  • Bathing shoes must be taken off in front of the sweat room for safety and hygiene reasons.
  • Scraping, scratching, brushing, shaving etc. in the sauna room is not permitted.
  • Before using water basins (e.g. whirlpool etc.), the body must be cleaned of sweat.
  • Out of consideration for other sauna guests and to avoid accidents, diving into the pools is prohibited.
  • Rubbing agents of any kind may not be used before using the water pools.
  • For hygienic reasons, the loungers may only be used with a sufficiently large pad (lounger towel, bathrobe, etc.). Permanent occupation of the loungers with towels or similar is not permitted.

V. Opening hours and access

  • The opening hours of the BOILER will be announced on the website. The facility must be vacated in good time before the end of the opening hours.
  • The use of the facility may be partially restricted for operational reasons. Any restrictions will be announced to each guest before entering the facility.
  • In the event of restrictions, the sauna guest is not entitled to a refund of the admission fee.
  • Persons with open wounds and persons under the influence of intoxicating substances are not permitted to use the facility.
  • Use of the facility is always at your own risk, even if you observe all bathing rules. In case of doubt, consult a doctor before use.
  • Persons with a tendency to cramp or fainting fits as well as mentally handicapped persons are only allowed to enter and stay with a responsible accompanying person.
  • Day tickets and multiple tickets will not be taken back. No replacement will be provided in the event of loss of the aforementioned tickets.
  • The use of the facility is limited in time. If the sauna guest exceeds the usage time, he/she is obliged to pay an additional fee according to the price list.
  • To avoid accidents, the guest is obliged to use the handrails on the stairs and stairways.
  • The guest must take special account of the particular risk of slipping and accidents in the entire facility by behaving accordingly.

VI Liability

  • Guests use the facility at their own risk, notwithstanding the obligation of the operator to keep the sauna and its facilities in a roadworthy condition.
  • Liability for damage caused by improper behaviour during the stay cannot be accepted under any circumstances.
  • The operator shall not be liable for force majeure and coincidence as well as for defects which are not immediately recognisable even when exercising the usual care.
  • No liability is accepted for the destruction, damage or loss of objects and valuables brought into the facility. This also applies to objects and valuables stored in the lockers.
  • Injuries must be reported immediately to the sauna staff.
  • Any manipulation of facilities that are not intended for direct use by the guest is prohibited. Unauthorised manipulations may lead to far-reaching liability claims and result in a charge of damage to property.
  • The operator or his vicarious agents shall only be liable for personal injury, property damage or financial loss in the event of intent or gross negligence.

VII Supervision and domiciliary rights

  • The responsible sauna staff shall exercise domiciliary rights within the facility.
    They are entitled to expel persons from the sauna who
    a) endanger safety, peace and order
    b) disturb other sauna guests
    c) violate the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Business
    d) do not follow the instructions of the sauna staff.
  • Anyone who does not leave the facility despite being requested to do so will be prosecuted for trespassing. In this case, a permanent ban may be imposed. In the event of expulsion from the sauna, the entrance fee will not be refunded.
  • By using the BOILER SAUNA, the sauna guest submits to these General Terms and Conditions.

These General Terms and Conditions come into force on 1 June 2013 and replace all previous versions.

The currently valid version on the website at also replaces all previous versions.

Tim Vogler and Marcel Ketzenberg
Managing Directors of Boiler Berlin Sauna GmbH
Mehringdamm 34
10961 Berlin