The BOILER sees itself as a male place.
In this sense, trans* men are of course just equally welcome here.
Access to the BOILER is granted to all persons who are read as men by our staff at the entrance when they are dressed.

For us, the respective self-designation is in the foreground and we do not make admission dependent on the presence of physical characteristics or official marital status. We do the same with genderqueer guests who reject a binary definition for themselves. Our staff are sensitised accordingly and are aware of the diversity of the body – whether with, before or without changes. If they are unclear how to read you, they may ask you for your self-designation. Here you can confidently answer that you are a man or genderqueer and that the BOILER is the right place for you.

It is therefore possible that you will meet people with very different physical characteristics in the BOILER. We ask you to be respectful of each other in every situation.

We know that our approach can be a little vague and we are aware that we are asking our guests to have their bodies and identities assessed by our team. It is up to you whether you want to face this moment of external description and judgement. In the sense of our business model, we consciously make this classification in order to place the focus of our guests on a male spectrum.

You can always contact our team if you have questions on site or are unsure about our welcoming culture.