Heat, Steam and Power

8th July 2022

A statement on our energy needs

Like many companies, BOILER is strongly affected by the current developments on the energy market.
Our main energy source for heat is natural gas, all sauna facilities and many systems in the background also consume a lot of electricity. Since February, our costs for gas and electricity have been rising considerably – in some cases the prices have multiplied.
The higher entrance fees that have been in effect since April can no longer fully cover these increases.
In addition, passing on the increased costs to our guests does not really help to save energy. As a first step, we will now try to reduce our energy consumption through targeted measures.
Since last week, we have therefore already

  • restricted the operating hours for the hammam and the bio sauna to the period from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. and
  • lowered the room temperature by 3°C in all areas.

In addition, we are currently checking where it is possible to replace equipment or switch to other energy sources (district heating, solar systems).
However, these are longer-term plans that will not take effect for a few months at the earliest.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you with a smile even in these times.